Case Study: Kid's Ride Safe Campaign  

A public awareness campaign utilizing media buying, social media marketing, website design, graphic design and video production in northeast Iowa. 

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The overall goal is to promote children's traffic safety in the Cedar Valley area. To achieve this, sub goals includes:

i.   Increase outreach and exposure

ii.  Create Interesting yet understandable educational content 

iii. An online presence for the campaign

Our Identified Solutions 

Create thought provoking content about traffic safety habits in the Cedar Valley area and reach a large audience to effectively create change.

Create an online presence for the campaign to encourage engagement as well as provide more information on the campaign for interested parties 

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Our Implementations  

Social Media: Every day, new posts are created and shared across our social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Digital and TV advertisements: Utilizing motion graphics and video production, we created a simple advertisements which shared the message of our campaign in an interesting way 

Website: A clean website providing information on the campaign,access to the motion graphic advertisement and sponsors.